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Characteristics of a Modern Kitchen Timer

A professional kitchen is a pleasure for the eye. Nice steam ovens, the use of steel. Utensils and pots and pans are a feast for the eyes.

Only one thing stays far behind: the kitchen timer.
A device that’s used daily, has never been paid much attention to.

Because I didn’t find any list of characteristics of a great kitchen timer online. I decided to make it myself in the beginning of the design process of our Koronos.

The Musts

• Accuracy : from 1 sec till 60 min – calibrated
• Visibility: at least 3 meter in a modern kitchen
• Electronic device: mechanic timers are inaccurate
• Easy Handling : nobody reads a manual
• Sound : pleasant – no ringtone – no bomb-tick
• Life-cycle : min 5 years
• Price : from 1 $ till max 50 $
• Solid : hard case material

The Nice to have

• Design with a “signature”
• Disposable on different surfaces
• Accessories: suction cup and mobile stand
• Resetting during countdown
• Extra visual information
• Unbreakable

As a result we can say that we are proud of our timer.

The Koronos Kitchen Timer is the first on the market that is not only very practical and easy to use, but also a nice-to-have gadget, worth to be present in a professional kitchen.


1 Comment»

  Centrale Apotheek L. Dupont wrote @

Valuable timer, nice design and once explained easy to use.
Maybe some presetable times should have been possible.

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